Established in 1986, LIM is an international consulting firm that focuses on leadership and team development.

LIM focuses on meeting business goals. They help clients find ways to address their strategic challenges, and turn problems into growth opportunities.

LIM has a large network of certified learning coaches work with organizations across the world to develop high performance teams.

Here are some of their programs:
1.High Performing Team Program
2.Leadership Development Program
3.Team Coach Certification Program
4.Executive Program


Haraya Coaching supports individuals and teams in achieving sustainable success through coaching and learning with the use of customized programs.

These programs are customized for businesses, leaders, teams, and one-on-one life coaching.

Here are some of their programs:
1.Life Crafting
2.Personal Development
3.Business Startup
4.Leadership Development
5.Team Development
6.Coach Masters Academy
7.YouPrint: Make Your Mark


Focus is an industry leader in providing light industrial staffing and workforce management solutions. Their clients include some of the best-known names in manufacturing and distribution, as well as local and regional facilities with high-volume labor needs.

Focus specializes in “facility-specific” programs, customizing service at the site, department and all the way to the shift and/or line level. Their proprietary infrastructure, SOPs, and workforce management technology allow Focus to respond quickly to the unique labor needs of each of their clients.

From top to bottom, their entire business model is geared toward blue-collar, high-volume staffing to deliver tangible results and value.

Here are some of their programs:
1.Call Center Management Workforce Management Training
2.Training on Workforce Staffing / Scheduling
3.Forecasting Fundamentals Training
4.Real-time Management Training
5.Front-line Staff Call Center Fundamentals
6.Automation and Software Solution


She is known to launch programs that are pioneering and visionary that enhanced employee engagement and showcased best practices, winning awards.

Driven, committed and motivated by the desire to make Human Resource Management (HRM) fully aligned with the financial goals of the company. The opportunity to add value has defined her career moves over the years.

Jo delivers public lectures and talks in the pursuit of her desire to encourage others to look at HRM as a critical part of the future of any organization. She has more than 30 years of experience in HRM in both domestic and foreign banks, renewable energy company and manufacturing company.


TeamAsia organizes and produces a regular series of public and in-house workshops and seminars designed to address real-life management issues in practical ways. Like their customized consulting services, these ever-evolving, highly-focused workshops and seminars are designed to provide tools and insights to achieve strategic and long-term business goals.

Here are some of their programs:
1.Diversity@Work by Vina Vicente
This workshop is for leaders, leaders of leaders, and influencers, who may be able to lend their voice to advocating for diversity and the business case for it.

2.Lead Persons’ Skills Facilitation Workshop by Dr. Butch de la Cruz
The workshop is for lead persons (senior team members with higher technical knowledge), and their respective supervisors and managers.

3.Transformative Collaboration by Vina Vicente
This workshop is for professionals of all levels.

4.Strategic Coaching by Jenn Rojas
The training is open to all growth-oriented team leaders who want to bring out the best in their team through effective coaching practices.

5.Basic People Management by Jenn Rojas
This workshop is for corporate supervisors and managers with people under their supervision and/or mentoring.

6.Handling Difficult People by Monette Iturralde-Hamlin
This seminar is open to anyone concerned with creating a harmonious environment, especially in the workplace. This is highly recommended for employees, HR managers, supervisors, team leaders, managers, sales and marketing executives, customer service representatives, freelance professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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